China Warehousing & Storage by JW Logistics


JW Logistics, a Reliable, Local Bonded Warehouse Service in China.

1)   Warehouse with 24 Hour Camera Surveillance and Security Control

2)   Storage, Distribution & Purchase Order Management

3)   Photo Report and Details on Every Shipment of Goods Received at our Warehouse

Warehousing-360x2404)   Packaging aqnd Re-Packing, Labeling and Fumigation

5)   Professional Freight Loading Team with Maximum Space Utilized of Shipping Containers and Air Express Space

6)   Local Trucking and Transport, Pick-Up from Suppliers in China, Delivery to Warehouse

7)   Buyer’s Consolidation and Drop-Shipping

8)   Fork Lift with 16 hours Standby Labour in China Warehouse

9)   Bonded Warehouse & Shipping Service

10)  Lower Rent and Loading Charges (30 Days Storage Free!)

11)  Export & Import by Freight Shipping Container, Air Express, Courier Service

JW Logistics Operates with over 1 million Square Feet of Contracted and Public Warehousing Space, strategically located in Shenzhen, China.

1. Professional Warehousing, Storage and Consolidation from China to All Over the World. We Help Business Owners Pick-Up Freight from China Suppliers of Products. Our Company Offers Packaging in Wooden Boxes, Custom Shipping Containers and Offer the Cheapest Shipping Rates

2. Free Warehousing & Storage: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Ningbo, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, China

3. Warehousing and Storage for Small Packages and Large Items

4. Professional Package and Re-Packaging Services. Forklift, Crane Freight Moving, Warehousing Storage Company

5. Consolidate Goods from your Choice of Suppliers and Deliver to International Destinations

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